Plants and Animals of Harare's Wetlands

Harare wetlands  are exceptionally rich in biodiversity and hold an amazing array of plants and animals

  • 36 species of grass and more than 80 other plants with their trillions of kilometers of Invisible roots which remove toxic chemicals and hold the spongy clays together.
  • Over 240 bird species have been recorded among them small rare migrants which breed in the pools and squelch zones. Striped Crake and Streaky breasted Flufftail are two examples.
  • Bushpig, Cape Clawless Otter, Large Grey Mongoose, Common Duiker and Giant Rat and Scrub Hare.
  • 16 Reptiles of which three snakes, the Egyptian Cobra, Olive and Three-striped Grass Snake are the commonest.
  • Living in puddles and pools are 7 amphibians including The Giant Bullfrog (Regionally endangered) that eat the numerous insects, tadpoles and fish such as Barbs, Barbel and Catlets.