Zimbabwe National Environmental Legislation

Environmental Management Act (Chapter 20:27)

The Act provides for the sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment; the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation.  It is administered by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA). The Act is under review.



Parks and Wildlife Management Act (Chapter 20:14)

The Act makes provision for the preservation, conservation, propagation or control of the wildlife, fish and plants of Zimbabwe and the protection of natural landscape and scenery; giving of privileges to owners or occupiers of alienated land (land outside national parks) as custodians of wildlife, fish and plants. The act is administered by the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (PWMA). The act is being reviwed.



Forest Act (Chapter 19:05)

The Act provides for the conservation of timber resources and the compulsory afforestation of private land, to regulate and control trade in forest produce and controlling the burning and illegal use of forest resources. It is overseen by the Ministry of Environment, Climate, tourism and Hospitality Industry and is implemented by the Forestry Commission.



Communal Lands Forestry Produce Act (19:07)

The Act to regulate the exploitation of and to protect forest produce within Communal Land and encourage the establishment of plantations within Communal Land. Under the Act Councils have the right to exploit forest produce in any natural forest on public land, to issue licenses and to enter into agreements to non-communal land inhabitants to utilize forest resources in communal areas. Licenses and agreements are subject to the approval of the Forestry Commission.


Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (Cap 19:09)

The Act provides for the monitoring and prevention of cruelty against domesticated animals or wildlife in captivity. It provides for the appointment of inspectors by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management. The Zimbabwe Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA) implements this Act.